We love these flowers!

We are here to spotlight one and many flowers among new and classic varieties introduced each year. There are great blooms to choose form, most offering not just great striking new colours and fantastic shapes, but also, amazing technicals qualities such as an extended vase life and strong travelling properties. Leading Breeders such as Olij Rozen, Meilland, Lex, Schreurs, Franko Roses, Rosen Tantau, De Ruiters, Kordes, Preesman, Interplant, NIRP , Terra Nigra, Esmeralda Breeding, and many others, as well as local Colombian Farms, will share here their creations.

Caramel Antique, a fist pick!

This garden rose is definitely a favorite of ours. It truly deserves a spotlight on it. Fantastic antique color, unique shape and curls, an extensive petal count and what’s more, this a strong traveling rose with a long lasting vase life even though it looks like a very fragile bloom. Top ten!