The dazzling magic of Colombian flowers

Colombia’s flower green houses are set in the high, sunny plateaus outside of its two largest cities, Bogota and Medellin. The Bogota Savannah accounts for the majority of flower production in Colombia, followed by Rionegro Valley close to Medellin. Some other scattered places throughout the central and western parts of Colombia also account for a smaller part of the flower production. Colombia grows 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres) of flowers. Around 7,000 hectares are cultivated under greenhouse conditions while 1,000 hectares are produced outdoors.There are more than 400 floral growers although roughly 300 farms are producing flowers for export.

Beauty at the farm

Most Flower farms in Colombia are located around the Bogotá Savahnna and the Rio Negro Region in Antioquia. These extensive lands with great soil and abundant water enjoy a perfect weather all year long for growing most anything under the sun. Roses...

Brag about colombian flowers

Not all Colombian people know our flowers are famous around the world for their quality and beauty… Asocolflores created this ad campaign to let Colombians learn about flowers, as much as they know about their famous Colombian coffee. So… Colombians, when you go abroad or just anywhere you travel to…brag about Colombian flowers!

Hand picking the best of the crop

Selecting and cutting roses is in some way similar to picking coffee beans. Well, what makes it so, is the fact that it is a carefull and delicate labor done by hand, stem by stem. Even though this picture here shows men doing the job, most often you'll...

A weather like no other in the world

Weather around the Equator line is pretty particular, and for many people this is a paradise: 12 hours of sunlight, a bit chilly early morning and spicy warm at noon. This is all year long, day after day. Rain is often a daily event, sometimes a bit harsh depending on...

International Flower shows

There are so many Flower Shows around the world that you could spend most of the year, from beginning to end, hopping non-stop from show to show and continent to continent. There are horticultural shows, as well as just flower shows that attract the general public. However, when we talk about the cut flower industry, we refer mainly to trade shows. Such is the case of Flower exhibitions such as IPM, Germany, World Floral Expo in Los Angeles, USA, Hortiflorexpo, Shangai, Japan Showroom, Proflora in Bogotá, Colombia, and many many others of great relevance for the trade. These shows feature large-scale exhibitions, even elaborate landscapes, and over-the-top floral creations, besides of course the latest flowers as far as cut flower varieties for the wholesale market and end-consumer as well.

Not just roses and carnations

Most people around the globe who might know a little bit about flowers would think the flowers that come from Colombia are pretty much just roses and carnations. What they don’t know is that after 50 years of growing flowers, Colombia has come to produce and export most flowers varieties one can find around. What’s most, for example… these days, the bouquets that many Americans buy, say at supermarkets, are grown, assembled and packaged overseas. At Colombian farms, dozens of bouquet assemblers arrange in beautiful consumer bunches a variety of flowers such as gerberas, alstroemerias, spray roses, sunflowers, baby’s breath and an extensive list of other summer flowers, to make read-to-purchase hand made bouquets.